Some of the strong points of our Masters program

  • IMT Mines Alès is accredited by the French Ministry of Industry.
  • The Université de Nîmes is accredited by the French Ministry of higher Education and research.
  • Alès and Nîmes are medium-size towns in southern France, the area boasts great climate and many lifestyle perks
  • International Faculty
  • Master classes are taught in English and in small groups
  • The 6-month master thesis is done in a professional context or in a research lab
  • Intercultural seminars
  • Free French language courses
  • A MSc program boosted by reputed research departments
  • An international team for international students
  • A dedicated “Welcome to International Students” package, covering practical issues

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United Nations    Doctors without borders   ICRC   Technical University Delft   University of Peruggia   Université Polytechnique de Montréal  

Colorado School of Mines   UNIGE   CBRNE   Total   Indian Institute of Technology IIT Kanpur       


Spread on two academic years (three semesters), the master is made of 120 ECTS credits Practical training courses (offered by professionals) represent 90 credits.

  • M1 year consists of Module 1 to Module 6: 60 cr.
  • M2 year consists of Module 7 to Module 9: 30 cr.
  • A Master internship (6 months): 30 cr.


  1. Risk Assessment Methods
  2. Management of humanitarian emergencies
  3. Social Sciences
  4. Personal development module
  5. Health emergency
  6. Science and Technology Communication
  7. Information Technology
  8. Personal development Module
  9. Projet Management
  10. Field internship

Teaching and grading

All classes are taught in English.

Exams are conducted in English.

The content of the Master’s program consists of lectures, group projects, in-class discussions, exercises, field visits, readings outside of the class.
Grades will be attributed based on oral presentations, group work, written assignments.

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Some of professor presentation :